RBCG Bank Gold Platform

Gold Platform

RBCG Bank started July 2018 operating as a Telegram bot.


Since then the Bot has been updated to a web based platform. In July 2019 – there was a complete overhaul and RBCG Bank Gold platform was released.Initial contribution to the platform starts from as low as $200USD equivalent in Cryptocurrency.

Funds are invested for 13 weeks and produce returns ranging from 10% per week up to 20% per week; depending on the level of contribution.




Company Philosophy

Since inception, RBCG Bank has the philosophy of growing your crypto assets. Since commencement with the original through to the current day RBCG Gold platform, the company has developed many other platforms that members can utilise to grow their cryptocurrency assets


Background & Challenge

Growing Your Crypto Assets

RBCG Bank offers a variety of platforms; it is up to the individual as to how they chose to use these platforms to best suit their situation. All members need to be fully informed and updated with developments across the companies operations. The critical point to benefit members in growing their accounts along with the company is the need to regularly add to their accounts with new funds. Compounding is the Eight wonder of the world!.

Approach & Recommendations

Make Informed Choices That Best Suit Your Situation

Our platforms deliver results for clients with clear, actionable paths forward to maximize their returns, make smarter investment decisions, enhance processes, and mitigate competitive threats. We help reduce risk, improve safety, and increase profitability.


Satisfaction Guarantee for Each Client

  • Gold Platform produces from 10% to 20% per week returns for a period of 13 weeks
  • RBCG Bank Arbitrage produces market leading weekly returns
  • Lifestyle Packages provide a product for saving for retirement
  • Crypto Exchange services to buy and sell cryptocurrency
  • Visa Debit card service connected to the RBCG Bank exchange